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KPRC - Prescott Regional Airport - Ernest A Love Field

“PRC” is the identifier to pilots for the Prescott Municipal Airport. But these letters also represent the history of a regional airport that became “Ernest A. Love Field” in 1928 honoring a World War I local pilot who died during the war. For nearly 9 decades, the airport has had a strong commitment and dedication to aviation excellence.


“As a public facility, to meet the region’s air transportation needs for corporate travel, scheduled airlines, governmental and general aviation. We will also provide citizens interested in aviation an opportunity for education, recreation and personal enrichment.” -Christopher Woods, Owner


The airport has a control tower that operates every day ensuring maximum air traffic safety and efficiency. The primary runway is 7,600+ feet long and 150 feet wide with state-of-the-art navigational aids and lighting making both approach and taxi safe and efficient. The strong partnership between the Prescott city government and the airport management has provided mutual support to meet the demands of increasing air traffic well into the future.



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